V Hair Vendor Its Foundation Story And Guarantee

The histories of the organizations that created the most recognizable names on the planet frequently astound and captivate clients. Even the story of V Hair Vendor fits into this trend. People enjoy the products they have to offer. Let’s investigate V Hair Vendor to see what we can learn about you there.

1. V Hair Vendor’s foundation story

A decade ago, once V Hair Vendor first opened its doors, the company was still relatively “new” (2012). V Hair Vendor’s creator, Mr. Danilo, is a 26-year-old former engineering student turned hair business worker in Vietnam. He started his business in 2012 after working with other experts and branching out on his own. In a short amount of time, Danilo was able to take his company global.

Vietnamese hair extension in bulk

Donatella, Danilo’s son, became the firm’s Creative Director after Gianni passed away in 2018. V Hair Vendor has expanded to more than ten locations across Vietnam and is a trusted Vietnamese hair wholesale partner to clients all over the globe.

2. V Hair Vendor’s policies

V Hair Vendor is famous not only for its outstanding product quality and good customer service but also for its V Hair Vendor offers policies.

2.1. Order and Payment Policy

Like a guideline for your purchase, kindly ensure that you adhere to the processes that are indicated in the following parts

  • Please go to our site and search for the items that you are interested in purchasing.
  • Give us the title of your third pick along with a lengthy explanation (including the height, hue, and substance, for example) to our Whatsapp number (+84)356665661 so that we can get started. In the event that you require more advice, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our sales staff directly and without charge via Whatsapp.
V Hair Vendor’s Factory
  • Ensure that V Hair Vendor is aware of everything that you have agreed on, including the classifications, the descriptors, and the amounts.
  • Validation of your payment, as well as a receipt, will be sent to you
  • After the creation of your transaction is finished, we will check in with you through google hangout to confirm the quantity and quality of the hair that was included in your purchase.
  • V Hair Vendor will not box and dispatch your product until you have confirmed that you are satisfied with it and have completed the purchase. Prior to getting delivered to the shipping companies, the product will first be wrapped in a suitable manner.

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2.2. Private Policy

V Hair Vendor reserves the power to levy and process any material that you provide. By completing and sending the enrollment purchase on our web, carrying out any additional operation on the webpage (System), or by conversing with us via voice,  or any other manner. Your data might contain things like your identity, account, email recognition, and contact information. It might also contain statistics about your finances and credit cards, along with any other stuff you provide.

2.3. Returns and Exchanges Policy

  • Returns
    • Unboxed items
    • For no upwards than three days, clients have reported receiving the items.
    • Clients provide valid justifications and conclusive proof.
  • Exchanges
    • If there are any complications with your order, such as the erroneous merchandise being sent, or a difficulty during production, V Hair Vendor will pay for the shipment.
    • The purchaser is responsible for the cost of shipment in the case of an issue caused by the company.
V Hair Vendor’s workers are sewing hair in mass production

2.4. Shipping and Delivery Policy

Clients’ purchases are safeguarded under the Shipping and Delivery Agreement. We will use sturdy packaging and select a reliable and affordable shipping method to ensure the goods available at their destinations in one piece. To the extent that you have a defect in the items, we will assist you in fixing it as quickly and easily as feasible.

  • V Hair Vendor guarantees safe and timely delivery of your order. If the items are stolen or broken in transit, we shall pay for any repairs or replacements.
  • Transport companies like UPS, DHL, FEDEX, and AGENT are among many with which we collaborate. V Hair Vendor promise to constantly work tirelessly to meet or beat the delivery times requested by our patrons.
  • On usual, the delivery of the cargo will take between 7 and 10 days of busy season
  • Message us at (+84)356665661 on whatsapp if there are any concerns about our delivery options.

Source: https://thebesthairvendor.com/

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