Vietnamese Hair Wholesale The Best Choice For Your Hair Business

Vietnamese hair wholesale is renowned for excellence and exceptional quality in the hair business. Vietnamese hair is a favorite among many hair wholesalers across the world, especially in Africa. In this essay, you’ll learn why Vietnamese hair is the best in the hair industry.

Vietnamese hair wholesale

1. The facts you must know when buying Vietnamese hair wholesale

For wholesale hair extension companies, Vietnamese wholesale hair is no longer an odd source of supply. Vietnamese hair is being noticed by hair extension wholesalers all over the world due to its reputation for excellent quality, affordable pricing, and little risk.

1.1. Vietnamese hair wholesale: its history and distinguishing characteristics

Because of its distinctive origins, hair merchants highly value Vietnamese hair:

  • The majority of Vietnamese women in the north of the country who have hair come from rural or mountainous areas. These ladies, whose ages vary from 18 to 35 on average, have healthy lives. Due to the moderate climate, little exposure to sunlight, and usage of natural elements like pomelo and locust, Vietnamese hair is highly strong, silky, and thick.
  • Virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair are the three primary categories of Vietnamese hair wholesale.
Hair factory in Vietnam

1.2. Information about producing Vietnamese hair wholesale

You should be aware of the following aspects regarding wholesale Vietnamese hair factories:

  • There aren’t many Vietnamese wholesale hair producers in Vietnam, and most wholesale Vietnamese hair merchants run profitable operations.
  • Vietnamese virgin hair is extremely rare, thus any seller that claims to solely supply virgin hair is lying.
  • You should be careful to do your research before purchasing since some Vietnamese hair wholesalers may blend human hair with synthetic hair.
  • Make arrangements to prevent missing any work because the Vietnamese hair wholesalers’ delivery times may be 3-5 days behind schedule.

2. Significant elements influencing Vietnamese hair wholesale costs

We will look at a few of the elements influencing Vietnamese hair wholesale prices in this section.

2.1. Vietnamese hair wholesale: Hair length

You will have to pay more money if you require longer hair. To meet all length requirements, Vietnamese human hair is taken from highland women with long hair. Vietnamese hair wholesalers often provide lengths between 8 and 30 inches.

2.2. Vietnamese hair wholesale: The grade of Vietnamese hair

Quality is highly valued by Vietnamese wholesalers of hair. There are many ways to assess the quality of Vietnamese hair, but to assure consistency, three basic quality categories based on the uniformity of hair length are utilized.

  • Single drawn: This one is the least costly and has around 50–55% of the same-length hair.
  • Double drawn: Vietnamese hair wholesale companies normally utilize 70–75 percent hair that is the same length for this type of hair.
  • Super double drawn: This is the most costly and highest level, guaranteeing the most fullness with 90–95 percent of hair that is the same length.
The grade of Vietnamese hair

3. How to find reliable Vietnamese hair wholesale factories

Locating a decent Vietnamese hair factory might be difficult even though finding a wholesale factory is straightforward. Follow the instructions below to buy Vietnamese hair in quantity and select the most dependable wholesale factories:

  • Look up information: Get as many recommendations for reliable wholesale Vietnamese hair vendors as you can by utilizing social networking sites and your personal connections.
  • To determine if a factory is legitimate or phony, look up the address of the Vietnamese hair wholesaler on Google Maps.
  • Vietnamese hair wholesale manufacturers that are reliable will be open and honest about their business, product catalogs, pricing lists, order, and delivery policies, and customer comments and reviews…
  • Obtain further information: Discreet and prompt in their responses to your inquiries, reliable merchants always exactly know whatever they’re providing.
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